My Long Distance Relationship

Long distance is a choice you make based on the way you feel. Do we necessarily want to be in a long distance? Of course not! We would love to spend everyday with each other and it will take a lot of effort to come to this day. I have learned a lot from this long distance relationship, and as I’ve gotten older I have learned to make my own choices with the person that I want to be with. I have been in a long distance relationship before I met T and I was a little too young to understand what I wanted in life or what sort of person that I wanted to be with, it was more of a puppy love than a love that you have for someone, once you start to grow as a person. 

I met T at a vulnerable time in my life and I met him two to three months after my previous relationship. I was going through a lot (not with the previous relationship, but as an individual).  My soul was lost and all I ever wanted was to find a good person to have a conversation with. After my previous relationship, I took advantage of being “single” and explored my options with a lot of different men (or should I say boys). It never really got to a sexually physical stage, but yes a few nudes and sex chats were involved. It got to the point where it was not just one guy I was “talking” to, it had started to build up and I felt so disgusted with myself. The girl who always talked about self-respect no longer respected herself. Every time I had a conversation with the opposite sex, it would always turn left. 

However, T was different. Different in a way where he actually wanted to have a conversation with me. We talked about our life; our relationships. Our chats turned into phone calls and phone calls turned into video calls. Day by day our bond for each other started to build. After three weeks of talking to T, I knew that I wanted something more with him, something more than a friendship. Three months later he told me he loves me, and I guess I was glad he said it first (but really, I was in love with him first). 

Cute right? 

Don’t think we argue? Think again, because we do that all the time. The first few months of our relationship were a nightmare, we would argue all the time and because this was a new relationship we didn’t understand each other as much. As months went by we realised what we needed to do to make this relationship work, and that consisted of changing our old habits, having closure with previous relationships, communicating, trusting each other and trying to make each other happy. 

T and I have gone through a lot of things to make this relationship work. Like I have mentioned above we both had to adjust to this relationship and that took a lot of arguments, old flames interfering and taking “breaks”. Regardless of the things we went through we love each other dearly (he is my favourite human). Since we both know how hard it was to make this relationship work, we honestly hate it with a passion when other people interfere. 

On September 23rd I went to see him in Yangon and this happened: 

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He has been a blessing to my life and I honestly do not care if people try and interfere or tell me to think otherwise. This is who I want to be with and I hope this is going to be “forever”. 

If you’re reading this, I love you ❤ 

See you soon. 

Love from A

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