Six days in Singapore with Love

Day One – 12th of January 2017

This is my first time travelling alone and it’s a bittersweet moment for me. Sometimes it takes a few risks to change the perspectives of the people around you. As I was nervously waiting for my boarding time, I met a lovely couple that calmed my nerves. They said I’ll be fine and if I needed anything I can go and talk to them on the plane.


Anyways, I’m now on a five-hour flight to Singapore and my emotions as of now are nervous and emotional. Even though I’ve mentioned I’m travelling alone (not exactly, because I’m meeting my partner there). I hope he’s okay and he’s on his way to our planned destination. Throughout the five hour flight, all I did was sleep and read a book “If I Forget You” by T.C. Greene.

I landed at 1:10pm at Changi Airport – Terminal 1 (earlier than expected). My partner’s flight will arrive around 1:45pm, so I have 20 minutes to browse around the airport. Not that I did any browsing, I went straight to the service desk to ask which gate my partner will arrive (and yes he was at a different terminal than I was). He was at Terminal 2, and my elegantly plump little body rolled all the way to Terminal 2 and waited more than 20 minutes for his arrival. He finally came out, and boy was I relieved to see him!

Since we arrived at different terminals, we had to go through the immigration at our terminals (which sucks because Changi airport is huge and it’s so hard to meet in one spot). Anyways, we both went through immigration and for over 15 minutes we were lost because we didn’t know where to meet up. I came out of Terminal 1’s immigration and was already at the arrivals and we both decided to meet up at that arrival, in-front of Burger King.

Since we’re both exhausted, we decided to take the taxi to Village Hill Hotel in Katong. Can I just add, that the taxi system in Singapore is amazing? There is a queue for taxis so no-one can fight over a taxi (it is all in fairness). Anyways, the taxi fare from Changi Airport to Village Hill Hotel in Katong was $21 SGD.

When we arrived at Village Hill Hotel in Katong, we checked-in and honestly they had the most welcoming service ever! The place is amazing and it is a place that I would recommend everyone to stay at (will write a review on the hotel in another blog post). They upgraded my room for free because it was my anniversary (how amazing is that)! Anyways, we settled in our hotel room and had a quick shower then ordered some lunch from Katong Kitchen.


Around 6:30pm we called an Uber to take us to Gardens by the Bay. I already told my partner that I wanted to go to the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. When we arrived it was one hour before closing time, so we only had 30 minutes at each place (which was enough for us).


Day Two – 13th of January 2017

Hello to our one year anniversary! This morning we were trying to find a place for breakfast  (I mean I already planned it, but we couldn’t find the place we wanted to dine at). So we just ended up ordering breakfast from Katong Kitchen.

For lunch, we visited 112 Katong Mall (on the same street as our hotel) and we went to have dim sum at Tim Ho Wan. We had pan-fried carrot cake, Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp, Prawn Dumpling, Pork Rib with Black Bean Sauce, Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf and Chicken Feet. It was amazing and my cravings were satisfied.

For our afternoon activity, we went to the Singapore Zoo and I love animals, so this was a must. However, the car ride took more than 20-30 minutes because it was away from the city. The tickets were $33 per adult ( a bit pricey, but hey you’re on a holiday for sightseeing).

After our Singapore Zoo trip, we went back to the hotel to rest and get ready for our date at Spago. Spago is both a restaurant and a bar at the top of Marina Bay Sands tower, and we booked a table for two at the bar.

View from the Bar (Source: Google Images).
Bar Seating (Source: Google Images).

Spago had an amazing atmosphere and most people are there to relax or have a good night. It was a nice way to celebrate our anniversary. These are the things we ordered from the menu:

  • Grilled USDA Prime Beef Sliders
  • Pork Pot Sticker Dumplings
  • Apple Wood Smoked Salmon
  • Vodka: Love You Long Time
  • Whisky: Samurai Sword, Smoke & Mirrors and Angels & Politicians

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*Above Images in the Slideshow is from Google Images*


After our date at Spago, we headed back to the hotel and the room was beautifully decorated by the event manager from Village Hotel Katong.


Such a romantic night right? 😛

Day Three – 14th January 2017

The first thing we did before breakfast or anything else, was to take a swim at the pools of Village Hill Katong before we check out. Since it was nine in the morning, everyone else was grabbing breakfast and we were having a nice time in the pools.


During the morning we visited the Parkway Parade Mall, which was across the road from our hotel. We went there to exchange some money and to have brunch. We had our brunch at Yoshinoya (Japanese food). Then we headed back to the hotel to check-out and move to another hotel (not because this hotel wasn’t great, it’s because we wanted to experience another neighbourhood).

The hotel that we moved to was Ibis Style Hotel on Macpherson and the hotel was nice, however, the rooms were a bit small.

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After checking-in to the hotel, we browsed the neighbourhood (which was a nice and quiet neighbourhood) and the street behind the hotel was full of restaurants of Singaporean food. Then we decided to head to the kitchen for lunch – I ordered fish & chips (how white of me) and my partner ordered spicy sausage spaghetti. The lunch specials are awesome, for $12 SGD it includes the main meal, soup of the day/salad of the day and lemon ice tea (how good is that). 


Then we decided to head to NEX shopping mall just to look around and shop.


After our quick browse at NEX shopping mall (oh definitely had to go to Sephora), we went back to the hotel to have a little rest and waited for my partner’s friend to give us a call to catch up. Since his friend took so long, we decided to go and eat dinner at V Kitchen and tried Singapore’s roast chicken rice and it was so good (that is all I’m craving these days). 


After our dinner, we went to meet up with his friend (no idea where it was), but we ended up going to Smoke’s & Mirrors for some drinks (and let’s not talk about the aftermath).

Day Four – 15th of January 2017

Today we decided to visit the Singapore Flyer and Henderson Wave Bridge (we were not prepared for that long walk and unfortunately we do not have nice photos for that day).

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After our trip to the Singapore Flyer and the Henderson Wave Bridge, we decided to head back to the hotel and just relax. After a few relaxing hours, I finally convinced my partner to do my make-up (vice versa), here’s a link to my partner doing my makeup: Boyfriend Does My Make-Up

Day Five – 16th of January 2017 

This morning we headed to the fourth floor where the kitchen/restaurant was serving free breakfast. Since there were a lot of people at the hotel we all had to line up for breakfast, the good thing was the staff already had a list with the room numbers and name, which made the process a bit faster. The buffet breakfast included: tea, coffee, orange juice, eggs (fried/scrambled), toast (white bread/croissants), fried noodles, chicken wings, samosas, spring rolls, hash brown, salad, cereal and many more – the variety of choices made it better for all the people from around the globe. 

After our amazing breakfast, we had booked an appointment with Amy Lin who is a spiritual/energy healer. My partner wanted to go and see what the results would be because he was feeling a little negative for the past few months. We went to visit her at Cluny Court and she gave him a free tarot card session because he was from overseas and started the healing process – after the healing process, I’ve noticed that my partner was feeling more fresh than usual and was better to communicate. Feel free to visit her website, I’ll do a separate review on her later: Amy Lim Healing

After the healing session, we caught an Uber to Far East Plaza because we both wanted to get a tattoo at Exotic Tattoo and Piercings. Before our trip, we had an artist to draw our design, but we decided to get something small instead – we both got matching tattoos that say “Burning Desire”, we got that quote because it basically sums up our relationship. 


When our tattoo session finished we went to Ayam Penyet Ria for some delicious Indonesian food. We ordered: Ayam Penyet (Smashed Fried Chicken), Empal Penyet (Smashed Beef Steak) and some Fried Chicken skin on the side (it was freaking amazing). 

We then decided to take an Uber to Clarke Quay and enjoy the night at the riverside, which was our last night together, so it was great just getting to chill and talk. 

Day Six – 17th of January 2017 

It’s our last day together and it breaks my heart because we have to part again. This morning we went downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast, and straight after we headed to NEX shopping mall to purchase a suitcase. 


After our last minute purchases, we went back to the hotel to pack our luggage and spend one last time together. Then we caught an Uber to Changi Airport for our flights. Thankfully both of our flights were near the same time, so we had more time to spend together at the transit lounge. We were both at Terminal 1, which made it easier for the both of us – so we went to a quick shop at duty-free and TWG (for some macarons). We then headed to a cafe to have a quick snack before we board. 

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& that was it, I walked him to his gate and said our goodbyes 😦 

& I had to walk back to my gate all by myself… 


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