I have never used Jetstar before because I was brought up in a household where we don’t use budget airlines for safety reasons and also its “inconvenience”. However, this was my first trip alone and I wanted to experience Jetstar because I have not heard any bad experiences from my friends and family, so I decided to book tickets to Singapore back in January with Jetstar.

I booked my tickets online through Jetstar’s website and I had the choice to select my seats, meals and additional baggage. I decided to not book any meals because it was only a five-hour flight that took of at six in the morning, but I did add additional baggage of 15 kilograms ( a girl has to pack). 

I expected the plane to be a little cramped, but no it was quite spacious and if you’re hungry you had the choice to purchase food with either Australian dollars, Singapore dollars or by your credit card – awesome but a little pricey. 

After I booked my flights, did you know what perks I received? A $25 voucher for hotels, which was quite handy! I decided to use that voucher towards my hotel bookings through Jetstar – and yes I used it to book Village Hill Hotel in Katong (amazing hotel by the way). 

Another thing that I found interesting was checking in yourself at Changi Airport (which was great and fun, I’m not sure if that’s applied at all airports but hey, a first time for everything). When I arrived at Changi airport, the first thing to do was a check-in with either our Passport or E-Ticket with the barcode, and then check in our baggage (do all the labelling ourselves), it was quite fun, I love it! 

Overall I would rate Jetstar 8/10 – it was a joy boarding a flight with you and I cannot wait for many more short trips with you! So yes, I recommend Jetstar for people who are on a budget and need a flight for less than a six-hour flight! 



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