Book Review: If You Love Me

Title: If You Love Me
Author: Alice Keale with Jane Smith
Blurb: “This is the chilling true story of a woman trapped in a devastating relationship as she tries to prove her love – over and over again. Within days of spending their first evening together, Alice and Joe were talking about getting married and spending the rest of their lives with each other. Everything about Joe seemed perfect, and Alice was the happiest she’d ever been. Then one day Joe saw a message on her phone from an old love, and that changed everything. He ignored Alice’s explanations and desperate pleas. And soon the violence and abuse began…”
Rating: 3.5/5


My Review:
I walked into Dymocks because I had a 50% off voucher to use, and as I was browsing through the bookshelves, I came across this novel. I was contemplating this and “A Dog’s Purpose”. I really wanted to read “A Dog’s Purpose”, but I was also going through something with my relationship, that I wanted to read something tragic like “If You Love Me”, so I decided to get this novel instead.

I’m not going to get into this book in much detail and I’m going to keep this review short. It is about a woman named Alice Keale who has gone through several relationships and was waiting for the perfect one. When Alice finally met her perfect “one”, Joe – he turned into a nightmare. He ended up being abusive towards Alice and controlled her in every aspect. She was not allowed to work, speak to her friends, and had to write a daily entry of all her previous relationships – where the first dates were, what she was wearing etc. 

It is a traumatizing and emotional book to read, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though I wasn’t physically abused in my relationship, the controlling part and waiting for the person to change because they were perfect when you met them part, was something I can totally relate. Does that make sense to you? 

If you’re going through a hard time with your relationship – based on abuse or being controlled, I would suggest you read the book. As an outsider to Alice’s relationship, you would know that it is wrong to stay in this unhealthy relationship. 

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