My Lovely Haircut @ AG Supercuts

Ever since my horrible haircut from year 8 (10 years ago hahaha, seems like yesterday), I had a hard time trusting hairdressers and finding the right one.

These are the ones I have been to before AG Supercuts.

  • Amy’s Hair, Nails and Beauty (Marangaroo)
    Before you read my review on this salon, just keep in mind that it was 10 years ago and they’re improving massively and if you head to their page, they have good reviews. Anyways, when I went to get my hair dyed I wanted my long length, however, they decided to cut my hair due to being dyed before and layered it. I went home crying because I looked like a Korean boy with orange hair.
  • House of Ernest (Whitford)
    I went to this amazing salon probably two years ago to dye my hair. The salon is luxurious and is expensive, however, the service was amazing. It was worth it, but not that much? At the time, I was capable of paying $380 for my hair, but I just felt like it could’ve done more.
  • Tony Tun Tun (Myanmar Plaza)
    I went to this hair salon back in September 2016 when I was in Burma (Myanmar). I was getting super annoyed at my long tangled hair that I decided to go short. I went to the one in Myanmar Plaza because the Plaza just opened and everything was new. The haircut at the salon was only 6000 Kyats ($6.00 AUD, PRETTY GOOD RIGHT?) I got an amazing head massage, which won’t stop – honestly guys, I wasn’t used to these massages, so it was a huge surprise. I just wanted my hair washed and cut, that was it. Overall, I liked this salon and if I lived there, I would always go back to get it cut.

Now AG Supercuts!

My mother and I were really wanting to get a haircut, but we wanted something affordable, but good as well. So we googled some hair salons near our house and looked up some reviews and came across AG Supercuts.

AG Supercuts is located inside of the Morley Coventry and I called up to check the prices and it’s only $38 for a style cut, so I decided to book an appointment for our haircuts.

Rebecca was my appointed hairdresser, and she was really friendly and discussed what sort of hairstyle I wanted. I showed her some of the photos I have picked out and she went on with the haircut, and even though I have fine hair, she did a really good job at styling it. 

Here are some photos of my before & afters: 


Overall, I am super happy with my new haircut! 

Rating: 8/10 

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