Inspiration #4: Cindy Cmk

Cindy Cmk is an aspiring Graphic Designer from Burma (Myanmar), who decided to fulfil her dreams in Manchester. Not only is she an aspiring Graphic Designer, but also a fashionista. I had to follow her on Instagram because I am obsessed with her style and I’m sure I’m not the only she has inspired. So let’s get to know her shall we? 


Hi Cindy, thank you for doing this interview with me! You’re such a fashionista and I came across your Instagram page possibly a year or two ago and your vibe is so interesting, that it makes me want to know more about you. I know I’m not the only one that is inspired by your fashion taste, so tell me a bit more about yourself?

Aww, thank you so much! Honestly, I wasn’t really interested in fashion until I was like 18. I remember when I didn’t really care what I was wearing or if the clothes didn’t match at all. I was just a laid back girl who didn’t really care what the popular trend was or having any idea of fashion at all. But when I turned 17, I went through a pretty bad break up and that’s when I started to really take care of myself. It went from self-love to getting back the confidence I used to have when I was single.I learnt that taking the time to style myself and wearing good clothes made me feel confident and well put every time. So starting from that, my passion for fashion grew. When I arrived in  Manchester, I received more opportunities to carry on my interest on fashion like going to vintage thrift stores, reading more fashion magazines, and with the faster internet, I get to discover current trends easily. Then, I decided to focus my blog on fashion and that’s how it all started!                         

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re studying Graphic Design in Manchester? How is that going, and when did you know you wanted to study Graphic Design?

It’s actually going really well! I just finished my first year and I am really excited on what’s about to come for my second year and all the other side projects that I will be doing in my summer break. To be honest, when I was 17, it was a big “make it or break it” situation. All my friends had left for university and I didn’t really know what I was going to do. I was all alone and my dad aimed really big things for me, and he always wanted me to study tourism or hotel management. Ever since I was at a young age, I have always been interested in art. One day I came across a graphic designer called Moe Pike Soe through his girlfriend’s account and that’s when I started to be interested in graphic design. I was just so amazed by his portfolio and artworks, and I remembered me thinking, I would like to know how to create something like this. From that, I started learning basic graphic design back in Burma and reading design books. That’s when I decided to study at university and pursue it as a career.


Who is your fashion inspiration and what inspired you to adopt this uniqueness?  

My fashion inspiration has to be supermodels like Kendall and Bella Hadid. They have the sickest fashion taste and they always look badass whatever they are wearing. I would also get style inspirations from Tumblr or other stylish bloggers/Youtubers/Instagram models/etc. For me, if someone is really fashionable and I feel like I can connect it with my style, I would follow them on social media. As for me and my style, I would dress depending on my mood. I would sometimes show up in my morning class wearing all head to toe rainbow coloured jumper, or when I go hang out with my friends wearing 70s flare jeans and a crop top, there’s no in between. I like styling different things and I think it stands out cause I am not really afraid to style anything. I also love playing with my hair colour, so that plays a huge part in my styling. It’s insane how much ridiculous clothing I own in my closet and some may think it’s very odd, but for me, they are very precious. 



How would you describe your own personal style? And what is your favourite fashion “must-have” item?

I think my personal style is comfort first, but stylish. It’s more like an Instagram bad ass style with a pop of colour.I always wear black, but I would always add colour to whatever I’m wearing. That’s why my hair colour is a fashion accessory. I don’t have a style that I always stick to. Sometimes I would dress up as a Parisian girl and sometimes I would dress up like a celebrity look for less. As for my favourite fashion “must-have” item, it has to be sunglasses. Whether it is a coloured lens or just a classic black sunnies, they always make the outfit look bomb!


Where do you usually buy your clothes and why?

I usually shop online. Stores like Missguided and Pretty Little Things are my favourite cause they are affordable and they have student discounts all year round! Also, they are up to date with current trends and you can get them at really affordable prices. So if you are interested in a current trend, you don’t have to be fashionable by spending loads of money.  But sometimes, I do like to go thrift shopping in my city. Just to pick out some great vintage pieces and get a good pair of Levis for a cheaper price!

Have you collaborated with anyone or worked on a project that you’re proud of?

Since I have my own blog apart from my Facebook page, some brands would reach out to me for collaboration. I only work with brands that are useful for me and make sense as a fashion blogger. I am currently working with SMARTBUYGLASSES (@smartbuyglasses), a designer sunglasses and glasses company. They have been amazing and I have my own discount code for my followers to use( chan10 for 10% for the entire site).  I have also worked with a body positive swimwear brand Swimclassy. I have done a collaboration blog post with a Burmese blogger Phyo Papa (Facebook page – phyopapablogs) as well. I am very proud of all because I make time and put effort into every collaboration.

Your photos are amazing by the way, who does your photography or what camera do you use?

I do modelling here in Manchester as a part-time job, therefore when a photographer or a brand reaches out to me for work, I would do it if it’s interesting to me. Sometimes, I have a team of stylist, a designer, hair and make-up artist or other times I get to style myself.  For those work, I will get free images from it and they are helpful for my modelling portfolio as well as my blog and my social media presence! Sometimes, I would just take a good selfie with the help of good lighting and other times, I will just nag my boyfriend to take multiple pictures for me. 


Where do you see yourself in a few years’ time? Do you want to do something with Graphic Design or maybe build your own clothing brand?

I think I would still be doing different projects in both fields. I am a very multi-passionate person, so I know I would do everything at the same time. Which means I would be focusing myself as a graphic designer, but also continue to be a fashion blogger. I have goals that I would like to achieve for each field and I want to achieve them even if they take some time, but I know myself that I will never stop creating. I had my own little online shop before I left Burma, where I sell my own handmade clothes so that was a good beginning for my clothing brand so I guess we will see how it goes!


Instagram – @diybycindyixvi

Now let’s have some fun and I’ll ask you 5 random questions.

1. Do you have any pets? I have one cat and he’s called Nanni. He’s the sweetest and neediest little angel in my life.

2. Do you drive? Oh god NO…I am not capable of driving at all!

3.Last movie you saw? Wonder Woman.

4. Countries you visited? Just multiple trips to Thailand.

5. Any siblings? One younger brother.

Any final words for people wanting to get into Graphic Design or in the fashion world?

I just want to say don’t be afraid to aim higher or something unique compared to others, whether you are planning to be a graphic designer or starting your own fashion blog. Sometimes you are thinking differently because you are meant to be doing something unique. You’re meant to stand out. Everyone has a different path and different purpose. So just believe in your gut, because I did and keep doing what you believe in and never forget that good thing take time (:

Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview with me, it has been a pleasure!


Instagram: @cindy.cmk
Facebook page: Cindysclosetxx
Graphic portfolio: Chank
Model portfolio: Cindy Khin
Youtube: Cindy’s Closet

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