Inspiration #5: Carolynn Loo Nee @ Yamon Wai Oo Khin

Carolynn has been on Eain Mat Sone Yar in Myanmar and has an amazing voice! Ever since the competition ended, I haven’t heard much from her and finally came across her Facebook account a year ago. Now I’m here to ask a few questions about her music and see if she’s up to something. 


Hi Carolynn, thank you for doing this interview with me! I have known you personally for a while now, but I know you since you competed on “Eain Mat Sone Yar” back in 2012 or 2013? What was that experience like?

Hi… I’m so super happy to be part of this issue and trust me this interview will let you know a side of me that people rarely know about me. So these are my honest answers and I hope you will enjoy them ❤️

Eain Mat Sone Yar is apart of my life that I can’t forget! When I was apart of it, I struggled a bit because I’m not the one who sings a lot of Burmese songs or know them as much. I love to listen to English songs and at the time that I was in the competition, every time  I sing, I don’t have a Burmese Accent (trust me, haha). It’s not even about the Burmese accent, it’s just mine is a person who speaks too much English and sings in Burmese.

And yes I attended a Burmese school and graduated, but yet sometimes my accent is different from the others (during the contest). To be honest, I hated contests because my passion is to sing, that’s all! That’s why for me the position in the contest didn’t really matter!I just wanted to perform! I didn’t care about the marks that the judges gave because all I want is to be me and not someone who would do different things. So the whole contest I sang as I wished to and I rarely listened to the vocal trainer. It’s not that I don’t pay respect to judges and trainer, I felt that sometimes we should try something new and not always the old ways to get the audience’s attention. There are many more experiences, but these are most memorable ones that I would like to share with you guys.

What have you been doing after the competition?

I’ve been doing lots of things. I’ve been singing and went and learn “Dubbing ” in the Philippines, also doing English MC where I translate English to Burmese and I’m working on my first solo album etc! Some might think “What is she? Or Who is she?” and my answer would be simple – I’m a person who likes to learn new things and willing to help with my talents and skills.

Will you be working on music anytime soon? Will we expect an album from you?

Yes! I am currently working on my own solo album. I know it’s been a long time since the contest had ended, but I want to give people the best. So I’ve been trying so hard to find the exact songs that I want to give people and it’s going to take a bit longer because it’s all own tune. I hope that people will like my new songs that they never been heard before. Hoping by the end of 2017 or at most at the early of Jan 2018 my solo album will be out to the market. Wish me luck!

When did you become passionate about music?

I loved songs since I was little.My dad is a musician, so I got the genes from him! But when I was little, my voice wasn’t that good and that’s why I always thought to become a teacher who teaches “English”. However,  loving songs and having a father who is so super crazy in all kinds of music made be passionate about music. My mom is a teacher, so she wants me to become a teacher, but Dad wins haha. I think I become so passionate about songs and music since I was in Kindergarten. 



Do you stick to a particular genre of music?

I love songs. I like all kinds of genre of music. You can say I like all artist because I can’t just pick up one artist that I love because I love all kinds of songs. It’s very hard for me to choose only one song or only one genre of music. 

Who inspires you?

Everyone inspires me. Is it too much? Because for me, I think everyone has their own story and every story is very interesting. Well, you can say the most inspiring person is my “Dad” who always has is headphones on listening to songs so he might be the one who inspired me about music. But for other stuff that I’m doing, I have other people who inspired me as well.

You’ve also mentioned before that you’re a Freelance English MC, Translator and Interpreter. How is that going for you and do you enjoy it?

I enjoy my life as a person who sings, a person who does events as an English MC, a translator who translate things for the others, and a person who loves to do the interpreting. I don’t know what kind of job that I love most among these things that I’m doing, but I love them all and the work that I’m doing makes me happy. I will only do the work if it will make me happy and other people happy. I just don’t want to be a person who can only be titled as a singer. I love to work and my different kinds of work make me happy.


You’re also helping me with the mental health campaign, and are you looking forward to that being established this year? And how do you feel about mental health issues in Burma?

For the Mental Health Campaign, I’m so glad that I’m being apart of it because I want to help people who are so shy to speak out to the others. I’m sure this campaign will make some shy people be able to speak out on how they feel about things and I’m pretty sure that our page can help people who need help. I feel the sooner the better for this campaign because in our country mostly women are in need of help! Some are super shy (I meant for some who are really shy and not able to speak up for some reasons) and they couldn’t able to go and speak to their own parents about what really is happening to them. I want to help that kind of people, people who are shy and no one to talk to and don’t know even a thing about how to solve things. And suicide themselves and I don’t want them to be in that situation so before they do something bad to themselves, and hoping they could reach out to us.

Where do you see yourself in 2-3 years’ time?

In next 2-3 years? I want to travel to places that I never been before.I also love to eat as well, so I want to travel more in the next 2-3 years to new places and try out more new food! But first, let me work super hard so I can travel more haha and of course “Eat more”. I’m a foodie and I’m sure everyone knows that haha.


Now let’s have some fun and I’ll ask you 5 random questions.

1. Last fast food you ate? – The last thing I ate is sushi. I love sushi so much. In a week at least once.

2. Do you regret anything from your past? – No, I don’t. I’m not a person who thinks about the past and feel sad or bad about it. There’s always tomorrow and a better future for every one of us. So yesterday’s gone, today is blessing and tomorrow will be the best to live yet.

3. Favourite makeup brand?  I have 3 favourite makeup brands that I love: MAC, Loreal and Maybelline. I love them all!

4.What colour is your toothbrush? – Light purple and white. I love purple and my room is also in purple.

5. Favourite ice-cream flavour? – Every flavour. I love ice cream too much. But if I have to choose it would be yogurt berries.


Any final words for people wanting to pursue their music career?

Anyone who would like to do music. Just go for it. Don’t think about what others might like you or not!Just show people that what you’re music is really about. Don’t change your music type just for people to like you. Just believe in yourself!Don’t lose hope and keep on going!For me, I never change what I like and until today there are people who like me. There be a lot more that people don’t like me but that’s not what makes me stronger. I, myself want to become a person who loves to sing and this makes me keep up with the good work.All the best to everyone.

Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview with me, it has been a pleasure!

INSTAGRAM: @carolynn23




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