Inspiration #7: Phyo Pa Pa

I came across Phyo Pa Pa a year ago on Facebook, where she had done this beautiful makeup look. She was very unique because she had her own style and wasn’t pressured into being just another Beauty Blogger. Throughout the year, I’ve seen her grow as personally and professionally, and she’s still stuck to her values which I appreciate as a fellow blogger. Now let’s get to know her! 

Hi Phyo Pa Pa, thank you for doing this interview with me! You’re doing so well as a Beauty Blogger in Myanmar, and for people who don’t know you yet, tell me a little bit about yourself?  

My full name is Phyo Pa Pa Aung, and I am 25. I love being busy and that’s why I have my full-time job and life as a blogger in Myanmar. I also love animals and of course, I’m “a crazy cat lady”, and I’m currently in Yangon, Myanmar with my sister, Shio.  


When did you start blogging and how did it all start?

Well, when I discovered about Pinterest in 2010, I got to know what a blogger is and I love reading and watching fashion bloggers street style posts. And when I graduated in 2013, I saw Lauren Curtis’s Makeup Tutorial and became obsessed with Youtube and decided to do my own Youtube channel. I had my little Canon Camera and I started my Youtube channel. Nobody, like nobody, knew about it and I was also very embarrassed to share with somebody about that.

I and my family live separately and when they found out about that, they said: “they’re so glad I made videos, so they can see me in action and these videos made them feel so close to me”. One time, my video went viral just because my mom showed every single one of her friends the video of me talking in English and she was just trying to show off. Since that time I loved making videos just for myself and my family.

In 2015, I saw Myanmar Beauty Blogger Phyodaybyday Facebook Page and I got inspired to start my own page. So I opened a Personal Blog page and started blogging and sharing on my Facebook page and Blogspot, so it’s been two years. I mainly blog about Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle and now I and my sister are starting to do a new exciting project as content creators.


How often do you blog or upload videos? Do you enjoy making tutorials more or product reviews?

I love being persistence and “consistency is key to success”, so I do daily blogging even though my life is so busy. There is no fixed schedule for a video on my page, but I upload 2 to 3 videos per week. I love creating videos since they are more visualized and I love to talk a lot. I also love writing but it’s kinda boring to me so I would say I love making videos both for makeup tutorials and product reviews.

Tell me which make-up trend you’re into at the moment and why? 

I love doing fake freckles. Bold lipsticks and Bronze Skin is my favourite.


Who inspires you? And where do you get your beauty-look inspirations from?

For my lifestyle and decision, I am inspired by my parents the most. They are liberated, open-minded and accept and respect their children. And I love Miley Cyrus. FREAKING LOVE HER! It’s kinda silly yes, but she is the Queen of my life. I love the way she stands for the world and care for animals and love. She is just adorable.

For my beauty inspiration, I idolize PearyPie. She is Asian, so talented, her makeup skill is amazing and she is funny and playful. So … life goal.

Best project or collaboration you’ve worked on?

I’ve done quite a lot of collaboration with brands. All are my favourites and they wanted me to be in every project, so I love all for sure. The most memorable one is my first workshop with Clover Team because it happened during my early months of blogging and that project was a big boost for my motivation for blogging.


What would you like to achieve with being a Beauty Blogger?

Starting from blogging about Beauty and every little thing I know, I’d like to expand my boundaries of networking, communication and the most important thing is finding new things in life.


Where do you see yourself in the next 1-2 years?

I can tell I will be working on some projects, living with my pets maybe somewhere safe but not Yangon. I also love teaching so I might be a mentor as well. One thing I can tell, I will be more mature and able to control my anger. Don’t know for sure if I will be married or not.

Now let’s have some fun and I’ll ask you 5 random questions.

1. Lipstick, Lip-balm, Lip Gloss or Lip Stain?  – Lip-balm and Lip Stain.

2. Favourite Foundation?  – L’oreal True match Liquid Foundation.

3. Three fears?Sleep paralyze, snakes, thieves. 

4. Four turn-offs? Bad breath, people with judgmental attitude, people who make chewing noise when they are eating and lying.

5. Something you really want?  – For now, all I want is a break from work and travel around Myanmar. I love Ngapali and Bagan, so I’m planning to go there again this year.


Any advice for people wanting to start Beauty Blogging?

Well, yes there’s a lot of girls who started blogging but the most important things for blogging is “Just stay true to yourself and do what you love. Do not compare with others and do not feel bad or shame when there are people bad comments happened”.


Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview with me, it has been a pleasure!

Thank you so much for interviewing me and featuring me on your blog.


FACEBOOK: Phyopapa Blogs

INSTAGRAM: @phyo_papaaung

BLOG: Phyo Pa Pa Blog’s

YOUTUBE: Phyo Pa Pa Aung 

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