It’s nearly midnight and here I am, all up in my emotions feeling some type of way towards a situation. Everyone has their own insecurities and we all deal with them differently. I have learned my physical insecurities and sort of just let it slide because if I wanted to fix them, I would and if I don’t, I’ll just embrace it. But right now, what I’m feeling is an emotional insecurity.

Making someone my home and making them my happiness was one of the worst things I have ever done to myself. My comfort level is him and I don’t feel comfortable being with someone else. But sometimes I just don’t get how they could just have that physical contact with you, and then decide one day that you don’t turn them on anymore.

I have lost my spark, I don’t feel sexy anymore and I feel completely insecure, and that sucks because I should never let a man define my sexiness. I feel like it’s a battle every day because I’m constantly trying so hard to be sexy for someone who clearly has no sparks for me anymore.

I just don’t understand why all of a sudden I’m unattractive to him.

Why can’t I be the perfect girl for him? Why aren’t I perfect to him anymore?


  1. Oh I feel your words. Even at my age, I still feel very insecure every now and again.

    Right now, since I am at my emotionally stable state, there’s one little thing I can suggest.
    Go back to the beginning with your mind. Find those moments where you felt sexy, attractive, pretty and confident. If you’ve felt those feelings even once, I’m sure it’s still there. You just have to find a way to that self again. Once you’ve found it, you can share that side of yours with people again, including that one particular person. The key thing here is for you to find it first.

    I wish you all the best.


    1. Thank you for the tip!

      I feel like even when I do feel it, and I share it with the particular person, the response isn’t what I wanted and I just felt let down, you know? I’m not too sure how I have to deal with this.

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