My 23rd Birthday


For this year’s birthday, I didn’t want to do any parties or anything where people give me something because I’m at the stage in my life where you know, people in my life aren’t thoughtful or they feel like it’s a “duty” to give and not because they really want to. 

And because my birthdays are always terrible that I sort of just wanted to do something for myself and not have expectations of other people. 

So I decided to buy myself balloons, cakes and flowers because I feel like I deserve it you know. 

But from today onwards, I don’t think I ever want to celebrate my birthday nor expect anything from anyone. 

Overall, let me reflect on turning 23.

When I was in my teens my expectations were to be married at a young age (I had someone in mind at the time, so I was fantasizing and thinking ahead), and I wanted to have children in my late 20s. 

Then after my high school teenage days, I went off to uni. I still wanted to be married and have children, and I thought that would still be possible in my late 20s. But I was highly motivated with my career and which pathway I wanted to venture into it. 

And now here I am losing hope in everything I have expected. The moral of me turning 23 is, not having expectations. My expectations lead me to be disappointed in myself and my surroundings. That’s all. 

Happy Birthday to Me. 

Love from Me. 

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