Book Review: Strayed Love

Title: Strayed Love
Author: Sheleila D’Paiva
Blurb: “A 30-something woman, Kate, who is trapped in the corporate world with her lawyer boyfriend, finds herself questioning decisions she has made in her past that have led her to such a mundane life. Having not fulfilled any of her dreams, she has the courage to leave the comfort of her home in Manhattan and go travelling. As she stumbles through the world of the unknown, she re-establishes an identity, and forms new friendships while making memories far beyond what she ever thought possible.”
Rating: 5/5


My Review:

I came across the author when I was on the Every Woman Expo website, as I was checking out the stalls for the event. Since I love reading and love writing reviews for it, I was pretty excited to meet Sheleila and purchase her book.

Before I attended the Every Woman Expo event, I researched the book and read the blurb, and instantly fell in love with the story. A woman in her 30s has lost her passion and herself by settling for someone she loves. And now she is starting to find herself again through travelling and meeting new people (how exciting is that, right?).

I mean anything to find self-love again is super important to me.

I went to the stall and purchased her book, and Sheleila was very lovely and you can tell her soul was just filled with positive energy. She also signed the book, but I forgot to take a photo with her!

Anyways, back to the book!

This book made me smile, laugh and cry just because I felt an instant connection to it.

The main character Kate has always had a passion for photography, but for some reason, she felt like it was just a hobby of hers and decided to work in a financial company as her main career. Her partner Mark never supported her with her photography and portrayed it as something she does for “fun”, and I guess when your partner states these things, you automatically assume that they’re right and that you should be “settling”.

Kate is in her 30s and she is getting to the stage where she’s in a long-term relationship with Mark and is wanting to travel the world with him, get married and have children. And it was something she felt like it needed to happen because of the constant pressure around her. Mind you, I’m only 23 and the pressure around me is a little uncomfortable because I see my friends having long-term relationships, getting married and having kids, so yes I related to Kate in that aspect.

She knew nothing outside the box, until one day she wasn’t getting affection from Mark like she used to, and that really made her question the relationship with him (ugh, exactly what I was going through at the time). Kate decided to visit a travel agency just to see what was out there and her options. She always wanted to travel, so this was the start of something.

Mark was too occupied with his work, that he hasn’t really thought about taking a break from it and living his life. Kate really wanted to travel, and she thought Mark would be up for it, but he turned that down. And that’s when the relationship went south and Kate began her journey. 

Overall, I love this book! It gave me all sorts of emotions because I related so much to it and it’s a perfect book for anyone that’s trying to find themselves again. 


Facebook: Sheleila D’Paiva

Website: Sheleila D’Paiva

Instagram: @sheleiladp

Amazon: Strayed Love



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