Requested: Interracial Couples

We all grow up differently and we all come from different backgrounds, cultures, values and beliefs. Racism has always been an issue since many years ago, and to think that at this day and age we’re moving forward, I feel like we’re still in the same place. This is a hard topic to talk about or write about because there’s just so many layers to it and so many reasons as to why a person is racist.

This topic has been requested by a fellow reader of mine because she’s having to deal with the issue herself, and I’m going to write it in a way where I don’t want to offend anyone.

So let’s begin.

Her situation:
She’s Burmese (Asian) dating a Black guy.

Her ex-decided to message her saying that he cannot believe that she chose this guy because he’s a “struggling guy” compared to him. 

He also said to her:

“A n*gga like him can’t afford a life like mine.”  (WHAT DO YOU MEAN THO?!?) 

“You proved your standards.” (YEAH HIGHER STANDARDS) 

My thoughts:
I honestly don’t care about race and I don’t see colour when it comes to love. And many of us who were brought up in a community (a westernised community), we accept things and we don’t see colour or religion.

But when someone is raised in a community where perspectives are both narrow and shallow, and the majority of their life was controlled by a military government, then yes a westernised approach is hard for them to adapt.

Do you see what I’m saying? People are only racist because of the way they grew up and it’s hard for them to adapt to the changes and surroundings.

However, it is not okay.

If you decide to come to a country for a better opportunity and still have a racist mindset, it’s going to be difficult for you. I’m not saying you have to instantly change, I get it when you’ve grown up in a different society, but don’t come into a country that is multi-cultural and be racist towards other people who have also come to the same country to get better opportunities. Where’s the race in that? Because all I see is the same motives.

So what if a Burmese girl decides to be in a relationship with a Black guy or any other guy that’s not Burmese? How does that change anything? or how is that even any of your concern? 

The guy may have been butt-hurt over the fact that she chose a Black man over him, but why does his colour matter? Why is this colour an issue to society? When you wear that colour every day. I love Black people, I love their culture and I love how smart they can be. And that has nothing to do with colour. 

End Results: 



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