American Vandal

I saw the ad for American Vandal on Facebook a month ago and I thought it was super interesting, but I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be funny or if it’s a serious topic.

So get this? It’s about an individual at a high-school that has vandalised the teachers’ cars with penises, and a student named Dylan Maxwell was to blame.

Dylan Maxwell was the class clown in high school, and he was known for drawing penises on whiteboards, etc. When this occurred, the school board immediately expelled him without investigating the issue further.

However, two sophomores Peter and Sam begins an investigation that “questions Dylan’s guilt” (IMDB).

Rating: 4/5
For me this was rather interesting because I really enjoy a good documentary series. I also love anything that is in-relation to young people and accusations.

Do you remember the documentary Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore? The narrative in American Vandal is quite similar to it.

Overall, it is funny and a little mysterious.

And it’s on Netflix by the way!

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