Reflecting on September

September was such a busy month for me, but I liked it! It totally kept me occupied from negative thoughts and the whole month was filled with Birthdays, so that was nice to be able to celebrate with family. If you would like to check out my previous reflection on August, here it is: “Reflecting on August“.


  • Making my Dad happy on Father’s Day: It’s been a while since I have gone out of my way to do something nice for my dad. 
  • Attending Grandpa’s 7 Year Death Anniversary: Again, it’s been about two-three years since I have attended to do good deeds for my Grandpa. 
  • Getting job interviews: Progress. 
  • Setting up an event with the YAN: I started volunteering for ECU’s Alumni network in order for Alumni’s to connect and gain something after they have graduated. 
  • Celebrating Dad’s, Grandma’s, Jade’s and Aunty’s birthday: All of their birthdays are in September, and yes it’s been a minute since I’ve attended their events. 
  • Talking to someone that made me gain confidence again: It was nice to receive some attention since I hadn’t received it in a long time. 


  • That “someone” disrespecting me as a person: So the same person that I mentioned above making me gain confidence again, is the same person that sort of stopped talking to me. I know the reason why, but sure did make me feel like a shitty person. 
  • Getting insulted by a higher authoritative: Saying how women have expiry dates and if we don’t get “married” sooner, then we’ll be “expired” and no-one wants us. I get it when it comes to reproducing etc (but honestly, generations have changed and so have advancements in technology). I was really mad and offended at the comment because I just came out of a relationship, and finally just realized that when it’s meant to happen, it will. 
  • Gaining weight: Haven’t been exercising or eating healthy, so I feel terrible about my weight gain. 

Maturity & Experiences

  • Not getting attached: As mentioned previously, I was talking to “someone” – and I tried not to get attach or fall for the person’s words because I don’t need that right now. It felt nice to get attention, but no I don’t need to tie myself to someone. 


  • Not wanting a relationship: I mean I would like to be in one when I’m ready, but right now I am having so much fun being by myself and having so much time for the things I want to do. 


  • A job: it’s been a hard few months and I really need a stable job. 

How was your September? 🙂 

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