October Blogging Challenge – Seven Lessons Learned This Year

Sorry for the delayed post on this one, I was out for a couple of hours and was relaxing 🙂

Hmm, I love this challenge, I really have to put my thinking cap on and think about the bad times haha.

1. We all grew up differently.

Since I’m the only child, I grew up in a way where everything I say or do is right or should be accepted, or people around me should act the same. Does that make sense? Like the world revolves around me? For example, my issue was – my love for someone may end up being a trapped closet for someone else, and the other person’s love may end up being a torture for me. This all comes down to the root of our upbringing and culture.

2. You can’t buy love.

My way of showing love is buying gifts for people, but that ended up being a purchase for an exchange of love and affection. But that was a great lesson, you can’t buy love.

3. They’ll change when they want to.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were the reason for a person to change or you were the reason that motivated them to change? My issue was, the person said they’ll change and you wait around for them, but they really don’t want to change and they really don’t want to lose you. But you can’t have EVERYTHING in life, and life is about taking risks and sacrifices, but if I am not their risk and sacrifice, then fine – change when you want to; not for anyone else, but you.

4. Know your worth.

I know my worth, but sometimes I try to see the good in people and wait around (A MISTAKE, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE IN YOUR 20S). There’s been several times where I allowed the people in my life to define me or make me feel like I’m not worth it. After cutting out some people out of my life, I have now allowed myself to keep cutting until I’m satisfied.

5. Respect different cultural values.

Being a different ethnic group with its cultural traditions is really hard to live my life. I was born here in Australia and grew up around Australian cultural traditions, but I also grew up in a Burmese household, so there were also a few cultural traditions I had to follow. As I’ve gotten older, my values within the Burmese culture has changed and there are just some things I don’t agree on. I respect people who do have different cultural values to me, but I would just like to live my life with whatever values I want to adopt, and people should just accept it.

6. Don’t wait for a man to do it for you.

Did you ever want a man to do something for you? For example, for your birthday you want a bouquet of roses and a nice present. But you never get that or the person you’re with don’t get it? So what do you do? Buy it for yourself. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who has your back. Celebrate being free, ain’t nothing wrong with buying and spoiling things for yourself. No need to wait for a man – you might end up waiting for 50 years lol.

7. Love yourself.

Like I said, at the end of the day it’s you. So do you. Self-critic yourself, know your flaws, work on them or accept them, move on from that and just be happy. Live your life.

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