Reasons Why My Relationships Didn’t Work Out

Every relationship is different because we all have different ways to handle things – which derives from our values and beliefs. Ugh, isn’t human behaviour interesting to you?

Now let’s go through some of the reasons why my relationships didn’t work out.

  • Drifted apart.
  • Infidelity issues.
  • Didn’t see a future with them anymore.
  • Different values & beliefs.
  • Substance abuse.

Now mind you both of my previous relationships were both long-distance, and you may be wondering why do I even bother with long-distance relationships. Well, I have my own personal reasons, and maybe I’ll write about that one day.

My first relationship started off with infidelity issues. We were only together for 9 months and he was cheating on me, however, I didn’t find out until 4 months later. What had happened was, he got sick during that 9th month of our relationship and I wasn’t able to bring it up until I went to visit him 4 months later. He admitted to it during my visit to him, but I didn’t have the heart to leave a sick person (I’m not like that and that’s such a weakness). When I went to visit him, I obviously met his family as well and I guess we were very different – culturally, the values and beliefs. However, I tried to move past that and tried to find a common ground between us. Then another year went by, and I honestly just had enough with the differences and could not see a future with him anymore. I should have left a long time ago, but I didn’t have the heart to do that.

Then my second relationship started off perfectly – I really enjoyed that relationship and was really into him. However, it didn’t work out due to his substance abuse. I have spoken about it on my YouTube video: What Happened to My Relationship. So, I won’t explain it any further.

Those were some of my reasons for why my relationships didn’t work out, how about yourself? Do you have failed relationships and what were the reasons? and how did you move on from it?

As for the first relationship, I think when my feelings started to fade it was really easy to move on. I didn’t miss him or felt sad about it, and the last argument was the final straw for me. However, with the second relationship I took a long time to accept it and let go of the situation – it took me 8 months to finally move on and get away from it all.

But do you know what really helps? Talking to people – not about the situation (well you can to people who understand you), but new people. I know it’s hard to get out there again because you just feel like there’s no hope, but a friend once said to me “Just because you get in a car accident doesn’t mean you stop driving, right? That’s exactly how it should be.”

After my second relationship ended I did not know what to do, as in how to escape my emotions, and because I was no longer receiving attention from him, I decided to try out dating apps. I just wanted to talk to new people, you know?

So here are some site suggestions for everyone around the world:

So go on, it doesn’t hurt to have a conversation with someone 🙂




  1. Definitely lots of dating websites worth a look. You never know where you will find the right person. To me and my partner the key is communication about everything – humans can be pretty nasty but sometimes for reasons they don’t even know themselves. Ask each other how you are, don’t say something just to piss the other person off (I was guilty of that in previous relationships).

    Great blog post lovely X


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your first relationship experience but if it helps, my partner and I met off Tinder (where we matched first) and then again on Happn (where we actually started chatting) and are now having our first child together and engaged 18 months later! It just takes time and patience to find the right person and I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason!

    Helen xx


    1. That is okay, I’ve been so blessed to have experienced these awful things in order for me to gain strength. I am still a believer and one day I might meet the right one 🙂 And congratulations to you, I love hearing about people’s love & happiness!


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