October Blogging Challenge – Top Tips for a New Blogger

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say I have skipped a few challenges due to being sick and having a busy schedule, so my apologies!

I support anyone who wants to start a blog – it is such a wonderful thing, whether you do it for business or for personal use.

A lot of people will ask me – “I really want to do it, where do I start?”

And honestly…

Start anywhere – just write.

  1. Start writing about whatever you want – there’s always going to be someone out there who would be interested in reading.
  2. Be yourself! Decide on how you want to approach your blog – I approached my blog as a conversation I’m having with a friend.
  3. Use what you have and I mean your resources! Don’t feel pressured to have the best camera in the world – start from the bottom boo, it’s all good.

Hope this helps 🙂

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