How I Maintain My Long Distance Relationship

I have always been in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) and it’s not ideal if you’re not mentally prepared because there’s a lot of effort to put into the relationship. I feel like you just have to be a strong and a mature individual in order to make it work.

I can reassure you that my previous LDRs did not end due to distance, it was due to other personal issues. The distance was never an issue for me, as it was quite fun to plan trips! 

After taking a break and exploring my independence, I have matured over the months when it comes to maintaining LDRs. I am confident enough to say I am in a very good place in my life and is able to share it with someone else.

So here are a few things that currently maintain my LDR:


Communication is the key to everything! If you take a read at my post, “Communication in a Relationship” back in June, you can see that communication is important. You can’t wait for your partner to “realise” things when you haven’t communicated it to them. Men are completely different to women and they can’t sense things unless we state them. 

For my LDR now, I am comfortable talking to my partner about things that should be discussed, and vice versa. 


Having trust is a must! Now that I’m in a better place and had time to find my independence, I am much more secure with myself and I am much more aware of what I won’t tolerate in a relationship. 

I trust my partner 100% until he gives me a reason not to and I have not assumed things to the point where the relationship was at risk. 


There is no reason to lie about anything. Lying is an issue you have to work within yourself because you’re afraid of the outcome, so no – learn to be okay with yourself. 

I have always been honest throughout my relationships, and there was never a time where I went out of my way to lie (can’t really say that about the people I was previously with). 

Being honest is never an issue for me, but in order to maintain your LDR, it is important to keep it 100% with them. Fill them with details about your day and things that are happening in your life, make them feel apart of it – don’t leave them hanging. 


We both manage time in a respectful manner – we understand that we have two separate lives to live and there are other things to do outside our relationship. There are days where I would be working and he’s working, but we do not go out of our way to interrogate our working time and only chat briefly during our break times. We also give time to each other if the other one is going out with friends or running some errands – we allow “me” time. 

But, if we are available on a certain day, we try to spend as much time as we can on the day by having a good chat. It’s all about being mature and understanding. 


Now, this is the best part of LDRs! Planning trips together or planning a trip to see your partner – this is the fun part (who doesn’t want to travel, right?) Talking about the future is always exciting – all the plans and things you want to achieve, and when you have a set date to see your partner, it makes everything worthwhile. 

As I’ve mentioned before that LDRs are not for everyone, but if you’re keen to try dating, I have a few sites to share with you! 


Older Dating
Fife Dating
Isle of Man Dating

Guernsey Dating
Isle of Wight Dating

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