Reflecting on November

November was quite good to me, there was only one situation that occurred, but the positives had outweighed the negatives! Check my previous reflection, “Reflecting on October“, just so you can see where I left off.


  • In a really good place with my partner: Being in a place where I know what I want in a relationship has made this one a little bit more mature and better than my previous ones.
  • Was offered a training for a potential job role: I was so excited because it was finally a job role that I can do and enjoy!
  • Catching up with my girlfriend: Haven’t seen her in a while, so it was nice to catch-up over lunch.
  • Getting a facial: I never had a facial before, so it was super relaxing to get one and find out about my skin issues.
  • Collaboration with a dating blog: I got another chance to write for a dating blog again, check out this post “How I Maintain My Long Distance Relationship“.


  • Having someone confront me about making myself look good: Now listen, if you’re going tell me things about someone I’m dating, I am obviously going to tell them about it. You should always own what you say and it shouldn’t be an issue, you know? I never try to make myself look better, especially at this age. I’ve gone through failed relationships and I just don’t have time to go around the bush with someone I’m into. I rather tell them how I feel and what I want, and then they can decide if they want to stay. No pressure! 
  • My job training was cancelled: I was extremely disappointed with the outcome and the decision because I honestly thought I was doing REALLY well and it was finally a job role that I was excited about. I was doing everything correctly and was learning really quickly, and guess what the reason was? I didn’t have enough product knowledge. Well duh, I’m still in training… what sort of reason was that? I’m pretty sure it was because I didn’t “fit in” properly. Oh well. 
  • Collaborating with a client goes wrong: I was collaborating with a client for her business, and there was a miscommunication on how to record the process. I spent days and hours editing the footage, and it was not what my client wanted. I was so disappointed with the whole thing because I felt like I let her down, as well as feeling like my videos weren’t good enough. 
  • Having major breakouts: My skin used to be the bomb, it was glowing all the time and it was pretty much clear – gave me confidence! Now my skin is damaged from all the products I’ve been using to get rid of my acne scars, but I just made it worse. 

Maturity & Experiences 

  • Being clear: A few years ago when I was in my teens, I expected my partners to “get me” and “understand me”, but over the years I’ve realised that they won’t know what I want unless I state it to them. Now I’m quite direct with my wants and needs, and if that scares them, then they can leave. 


  • I don’t have any major changes for this month. 


  • Positivity: I need positivity when it comes to job-searching because right now I am starting to feel really incapable of all the jobs that have been advertised. 

How was your November? 🙂 

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