Reflecting on December

I would honestly have to say December has probably been one of the best months of 2017 – ended it with a BANG! Check out my previous reflection in November.


  • Job interviews: I had put in quite a lot of applications for December and I was getting so insecure because I wasn’t getting any responses. However, by the third week of December, I started to get more job interviews (yay progress).
  • Getting an offer: I don’t want to announce it quite yet, so will speak about it later.
  • Christmas: It was better than I expected, I thought the family lunch would be awkward, but it went pretty okay.
  • Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle: The movie was better than I expected! It had a great cast and I couldn’t stop laughing. Check out my review here.


  • Insecure about my capabilities: Applying for jobs and not receiving any sort of notification from them really did make me feel quite insecure with what I am capable of.
  • Family issues: The same issues from two years ago haven’t quite finished.
  • Social life > Me: Sometimes I am not a priority for some people.

Maturity & Experiences

  • N/A


  • Life is getting better: finally, things are looking up, I think.


  • Equality: I just want an equal relationship, not a relationship where one person does something and that’s okay, but when the other person does it, it’s not acceptable. You feel me?

How was your December?

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! 🙂

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