Reflecting on January

January was a pretty good month in regards to my relationship and starting my new job role, but there was something that bothered me for a few weeks within the month. I would usually link back to the previous month, but because it’s a new year, we’re not going to do that!


  • Starting new job role:
    This is what I wanted to announce a few months ago, but didn’t want to get my hopes up. I started my training and it was so much better than I expected, and everyone in the workplace has amazing personalities.

  • Boxing classes:
    I started to participate in boxing classes through work and so far I’ve been to two sessions. It’s really good and quick way to lose weight, but because I’m just starting out I do feel a bit woozy towards the end of the sessions.

  • Joined the gym:
    I finally joined the gym! I held off on joining the gym due to money and my awkward social anxiety. But I finally did and have taking PT sessions. 


  • Friendship went wrong:
    I had a good friendship with this particular person, and they were there for me when things went wrong in my life, which I am thankful for. But because of what I previously went through, every move I’ve made in regards to my new relationship, they weren’t happy about. They felt like as a “girl” I should wait for the “guy” to make the first move or claim me “first” and honestly, I can’t be bothered anymore with the whole gender thing, if I like someone and I want to be with them, I’m going to make the first move – idgaf. But I’ve also somewhat offended them by saying that a particular guy that they’re talking to might think of us differently or think that we’re “easy” because we live overseas and they pretty much assumed that I was calling them a particular type of person. It’s just a huge misunderstanding and has not sorted it out until today, really don’t want to hey. 

Maturity & Experiences

  • Being able to do things myself:
    Now that I’ve started my new job role, I’m able to gain a little bit of confidence with my independence. 


  • Friendships:
    Gained some and lost one. 


  • Understanding:
    People misunderstand me a lot and it’s always people from Burma who don’t get what I’mt trying to say. I wasn’t born and raised there, so when I say things it tends to be translated as “rude”,  but I really have a nice soul lols. 

How was your January? 
Oh and Happy New Years 🙂 

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